Gamat also known as the sea cucumber is esteemed as a marina creature with healing and mdicinal effects. Villagers in Langkawi have been living with this wonder of nature and reeping its benefits. They believed that it is the perfect remedy for cuts, sores and inflammation.

Over 10 years of research were jointly conducted by University of Malaya, University of Kyoto and University of Nihan, Tokyo, Japan which discovered the active substances and mechanisms of its actions.

Besides its proven efficacy in enhancing the body's resistance towards various diseases, common flu and more problematic aonditions like cholesterol, meumatoid arthritis, diabetes and cancer, it also contains a cell growth factor, which has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of biological cells, bone, collagen and rejuvenates the skin.

By using the latest technology in pharmaceutical science, we have now refined the extract and come up with new generations of scientifically prepared products based on this purified substance.


Beta-Gamat Emulsion is an ideal and unique health supplement for daily consumption. This supplement contains a combination of natural minerals and purified gamapeptide complex known as Gamalin and soluble oil extract of gamat containing natural omega-3 and other valuable natural fatty acids that serve to control cholesterol levels and has a rejuvenating effect on the body's immune system. It is fortified with anti-oxidants, genistein, vitamin E and beta carotena. This Beta-Gamat Emulsion is one of the most ideal and outstanding natural health supplement of today and may also be used for healing minor wounds, gastric ulcer, sinusitis, theumatoid arthritis, asthma, joint, muscular aches and in enhanching the body's resistance and also assist in the inductino of fertility in male and female.



It is a unique supplement for healing, health and enhancement of skin complexion. Gamat VitaPlus offers you a quality with proven superior efficacy of Jelly Gamat. It is used for daily consumption. This supplement contains a combination of natural minerals and purified gamapeptide complex known as Gamalin and minerals, vitamins and protein which serve to control cholesterol levels, rejuvenates ageing muscles, bones, nerves and skin while giving a revitalising effect on the body's immune system. It may be used as an adjunct for healing minor cuts, wounds and inflammation, increases blood circulation, enhancing body's resistance and other health promoting effects.





It is a traditional emolient to soften sin, heal minor cuts, wounds, swelling, relieve acne and burns. It is to be applied on skin or any affected area two or three times a day. For external use only.